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We create hi-tech equipment for businesses and productions offering goods and services in food industry

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Number One Supplier of Food Equipment in Russia


Tornado Factory LTD. is a scientific production association and a manufacturer of roasting, baking, frying, processing and packing equipment.

Our mission is to supply high-quality food equipment meeting the demands of modern small and big food production businesses alike.

Tornado Factory LLC uses innovative methods and hi-tech space for project engineering and manufacturing our own concepts and those of our customers. 

Our first engineering projects date back to 2005 and by today, we have selected, engineered, manufactured and assembled tens of production factories on minor and major scale locally and abroad.

More than 20 happy customers working in the sphere of snacks, coffee and cocoa production as well as owners of cafes and coffeeshops have chosen our service. 

We are driven by quality!

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Processed food/loose products:

Coffee beans
Mutton Pies


Equipment offered by the scientific-production association Tornado Factory is made using up-to-date technologies in project engineering, manufacturing and assembly. We test each item 3 days before shipping. Please see the projects which we have completed in the Equipment section.

As a scientific-production association, we are ready to complete any task beginning from projecting/assembly and finishing by your address delivery and on-site start-up and adjustment procedures.
Please follow the steps below to begin your project:

1. Submit a request for Equipment or a New project;
2. Get the offer within 1-3 days;
3. If necessary, kindly specify your technical request and we will re-adjust tech specs;
4. Please wait for your item to be manufactured within 90 days;
5. We will test your item before shipping;
6. Give us a positive feedback!


90 DAYS Lead time
Depending on complexity of an item being produced, we will manufacture and ship your order within 90 days.
Assembly and spare parts in Russia
Our production facilities and administrative offices are situated in the Russian Federation. You do not have to overpay for third-parties' services.

Quality-based Approach
We use components to manufacture and assembly our items  from trusted sources only. Each product is tested thoroughly before shipping. Warranty period is 2 years. 

Service Maintenance
All spare parts including electronics are stocked in our storehouses. We respond to our Customers' requests for service within 1 hour. Warranty period for all Tornado machinery is 24 months. 

Qualified Personnel
Our staff has an extensive experience in food machinery projecting, manufacturing and assembly. Your request will be accompanied by our sales and tech team end-to-end.

Patented Technologies
While manufacturing Tornado equipment, we use our own creative approach and technologies approved by patenting offices. Get the edge over your competitors today!


"We have worked with the company for a long time now, guys respond to my request for service and new projects right away. We work all around the world, and it is important to have a manufacturer meeting the international demands. Accordingly, we select equipment and technical assistance based on a quality approach. Thank you for a classy work!"
"We purchased a mixer and several stack trolleys in 2019, now these are praised at our productions. I remember, that we needed a mixer made specifically out of aluminum - the Tornado company made it fast despite our so to say unique request. We had also had our imported factory repaired, and I don't have problem with it for several years now. Many thanks!"                     
"We've been working with snacks production since 2006 and update our equipment from time to time. The company's location is next to ours, we have received our equipment on time. I have one recommendation, though that the company would produce more equipment. The rest is good".
"We ordered us feed conveyors, automated fillers, manipulators, silos. Guys work with quality. Made for my productions just as I want it. I didn't have to search for expensive equipment producers. Also, the company took personal requests for machines configuration into work, we simply don't have what I need on the market place. I'm happy with it"


Production of Innovative Food Equipment
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