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Scientific-production association acting on behalf of Tornado Factory LLC has its own project engineering department located at the site of the productions premises. We design and manufacture our own concepts as well as on-demand projects requested by our customers. Since the year of 2005, we have built and upgraded over 100 factories for preparing, roasting, drying, seasoning, pelleting, aromatizing, vacuum processing and storing loose and food products. Each equipment item is worked on with a great detail to enhance its productivity and effectiveness. Our customers are assigned with personal managing representatives and are offered service 24/7.


  • Continual deep-fat fryer Tornado FND-50
  • Industrial Conveyor Fryer Tornado FND-100
  • Industrial Line for roasting snacks Tornado FND-250
  • Coating Machine Tornado DB-200
  • Coating Machine Tornado DB-400
  • Coating Machine Tornado DB-600
  • Coffee roaster Tornado-7kg
  • Coffee roaster TORNADO-30kg
  • Cocoa roasters Tornado-5kg
  • Coffee destoner for filtering coffee beans Tornado-15
  • Coffee destoner for filtering coffee beans Tornado-30
  • Mixer for blending and aromatizing loose products Tornado SKA-100
  • Mixer for blending and aromatizing loose products Tornado SKA-200
  • Feeding conveyor FC-4.5
  • Manipulator for sacks and weights handling M-100
  • Silo for storing blends and loose products SP-200
  • Stack trolley for convectional oven ST-3
  • Convectional oven for air roasting loose products CO-500
  • System for half-automated dosing of loose products D-240
  • Automated filler of empty plastic bottles AFB-3000
  • Automated filler of empty plastic bottles AFB-8000
  • Packing Line Tornado RPD-50

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90 DAYS Lead time
Depending on complexity of an item being produced, we will manufacture and ship your order within 90 days.
Assembly and spare parts in Russia
Our production facilities and administrative offices are situated in the Russian Federation. You do not have to overpay for third-parties' services.

Quality-based Approach
We use components to manufacture and assembly our items  from trusted sources only. Each product is tested thoroughly before shipping. Warranty period is 2 years. 

Service Maintenance
All spare parts including electronics are stocked in our storehouses. We respond to our Customers' requests for service within 1 hour. Warranty period for all Tornado machinery is 24 months. 

Qualified Personnel
Our staff has an extensive experience in food machinery projecting, manufacturing and assembly. Your request will be accompanied by our sales and tech team end-to-end.

Patented Technologies
While manufacturing Tornado equipment, we use our own creative approach and technologies approved by patenting offices. Get the edge over your competitors today!


Production of Innovative Food Equipment
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