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-Tornado SKA-100
-Tornado SKA-200

Technical specifications:

Batch size capacity: up to 200 kg/h
Material: stainless steel AISI-304
Drum diameter: up to 800 mm
Injection of liquid ingredients: Positive
Power consumption: 1,5 kW/h
Voltage: 220 V
Automation of processes: Positive

Tornado Mixers for blending and aromatizing loose products of SKA series are designated for consistent blending and aromatizing loose products, such as coffee beans, peanuts, tea, almond, etc. within a metallic or plastic mixer barrel.

Operation principle: Products are supplied to the mixer manually or automatically while the hermetically sealed lid provides consistent air/pressure/fluid settings.  The system for dosing aromas is mounted on top of the lid which functions is to inject liquid fraction inside the blend at a pre-site time and quantity parameter. Movement sensors installed at the frame of the mixer to register its angle thus facilitating automated load-in and load-out command. The mixer can be set to operate at various angles and rotation frequencies. The whole machine's construcion is made out of stainless steel which together with the amplified frame and ergonomics feet offer convenience and cprolonged durability of use.
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Blended/aromatized products:

Coffee beans


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