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-Tornado UPB-3000
-Tornado UPB-8000

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 2800х2400х1050
Capacity: 3000-8000 bottles/hour
Power consumption: 2,5 - 5 kW/h
Voltage: 220 V
Compressed air: 6-9 Bars, 250-340 l/min

Automated filler of empty plastic bottles of UPB series are designated for continual filling empty plastic bottles by quantity of 5x10 into a plastic bag. Output tunnel is mounted with 5x rows of guides which fix bottles' positions inside the tunnel and direct the items into a plastic bag. The whole process is automated with an aid of feeding conveyor and a cyclically moving dosing system. Filler frame is made out of stainless steel, and is amplified to suppress vibration which extends its durability up to 10 years
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Modifications of manipulator-rackers:

Manipulator-racker ММ-50
Manipulator-racker ММ-100

Technical specifications:

Capacity: from 180 pcs/h
Carrying capacity: up 100 kg
Power consumption (lifting engine): 0,55 kW/h
Power consumption (moving device engine): 0,25 kW/h
Total power consumption: < 1 kW/h (220 Voltage)
Compressed air: up to 250 l/h, pressure: 6 kg/cm


Manipulator-rachers of MM series are designated for lifting and laying items (sacks, barrels, weighs) with up to 100 kg on a pallet. Allows stocking weighs of up to 100kg on pallets in several layers inside production or storehouse space. The manipulator is steered by joystick (up and down, left and right movement of carriage) while picking is aided by pneumatic cyllinders. Work space of the manipulator is within the 2 pallets space. Configuration may be mounted to a building's frame. 
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Technical specifications:

Desgination: packing into 50kg out of big-bags
Dimensions: 2240 х 1750 х 4760 mm
Dosing volume: 1-50 kg
Dosing deviation: +/- 100 g.
Telpher capacity: up 2 t.
Material: steel, stainless steel
Power consumption: 5 kW/h
Voltage: 380 V
укладчик бутылок ПЭТ, укладчик пластиковых бутылок, фасовка пустых бутылок

Packing Line Tornado RTD-50 is designated for packing of loose or granular products (materials) from big-bags and into a tare (sack) of 50 kg.
Operating principle: Big-bags are placed onto the packing square and then lifted up 2 meters by telphers to be mounted inside the tanker. Open side of the big-bag is directed to the unloading zone configured in the shape of a funnel. Horizontal feeding conveyor supplies weighed quantaty of the material or product (value being preset by a table in the electric cabinet) of up to 50 kg in the packing zone. Packing speed alteration is available. Support frame and hooks are installed for convenience of operation. The whole construction is designed with consideration to ergonomics and durability of use.
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